Suitable for Huawei GT2/e Honor ES/magic smart watch watch2 pro Huami GTS Midong amazfit youth version nylon strap ticwatchE/2 generation Samsung S3/20/22

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Color Classification Selected: Ginger
Strap size Price Qty
【Huami Amazfit৳ 855467
【Samsung S2৳ 855494
【Huawei Watch GT2e】【Samsung S4৳ 855450
【Huami Smart Sports Watch 1st Generation/2 Representative Band】৳ 855453
【Huami Amazfit৳ 855460
【Ticwatch৳ 855472
【Huawei৳ 855136
【Glory watch৳ 855312
【Huawei৳ 855419
【Ticwatch৳ 855478
【Samsung gear৳ 855410
【Huami/Midong Youth Edition Strap】【Huami Amazfit৳ 855307
【Huawei৳ 855466
【Huawei৳ 855456
【Samsung sports4 strap】【Samsung৳ 855494
【Amazfit৳ 855440
22mm【Universal】Strap৳ 855214
18mm【Universal】Strap৳ 85522
20mm【Universal】Strap৳ 855173
【Huami৳ 855459
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Approx. Weight: 300 grams
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China Domestic Delivery: 45
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Color Classification Ginger, sky blue, Peacock blue, Lemon yellow, Royal blue, light yellow, light green, milky, ArmyGreen, Khaki, Brown, Dark green, Chocolate color, Bright yellow, apricot, maroon, Orange, Orange, Light Brown, light grey, Light purple, Light blue, Official Black Powder Sand Rainbow Color Sea Shell Color Real Black Seven Color Army Green Bright Orange Neon Lime Wave Blue Neon Pink Sunny Sun Chinese Red Red Black Grape Purple Reflective Black Reflective White Ice Ocean Blue Cyan Feather Gray Iron Anchor Gray Midnight Blue with Black Cape Blue
Strap size 18mm【Universal】Strap, 20mm【Universal】Strap, 22mm【Universal】Strap, 【Huami, 【Glory watch, 【Huawei Watch GT2e】【Samsung S4, 【Huawei, 【Huawei, 【Huawei, 【Huawei, 【Amazfit, 【Samsung sports4 strap】【Samsung, 【Huami/Midong Youth Edition Strap】【Huami Amazfit, 【Huami Amazfit, 【Huami Amazfit, 【Ticwatch, 【Samsung S2, 【Huami Smart Sports Watch 1st Generation/2 Representative Band】, 【Ticwatch, 【Samsung gear, 18mm【Universal】Watch strap 20mm【Universal】Watch strap 22mm【Universal】Watch strap【Huami, GTS】【Small black watch 2/3 strap】 【Glory watch, Magic】【Honor magic 2 generation(46mm)】 【Huawei Watch GT2e】【Samsung S4, , 46mm】 【Huawei, watch, 2nd generation】【Watch, GT2, 42mm】 【Huawei, 46mm strap】【Huawei watch, GT strap】 【Huawei, 46mm】【Huawei, watch2, pro】 【Huawei, 42mm strap】【Moto360 second generation 42mm strap】 【Amazfit, Huami One Representative Belt】【Xiaomi watch color】 【Samsung sports4 strap】【Samsung, gear, sports strap】【Samsung S4, 42mm】 【Huami/Midong Youth Edition Strap】【Huami Amazfit, GTS strap】【Huami Youth 1S, 】 【Huami Amazfit, GTR, 42mm strap】【Honor Magicwatch 2nd generation 42mm】 【Huami Amazfit, 47mm strap】 【Ticwatch, 2/E strap】【Huawei watch2 strap】 【Samsung S2, R732, Strap, 】【Samsung gear, S2 strap】 【Huami Smart Sports Watch 1st Generation/2 Representative Band】 【Ticwatch, 1/PRO/E2/S2 strap】 【Samsung gear, S3 strap, 】【Moto360 second generation 46 strap】, 【Huawei GT2 42mm strap】【Moto360 second generation 42 strap】, 【Small black watch 2/3 strap】
Brand Grenosis, Grenosis
model 20/22mm nylon loop strap, 20/22mm nylon loop strap
manufacturer Shenzhen Lvliang Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lvliang Technology Co., Ltd.
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